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From: Sandra
Date: 3/11/00
Time: 5:55:07 AM
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My 20 year old daughter has been on florinef for about 6 months taking 0.1 mg per day. She has was diagnosed a couple of years ago after fainting spells a couple of years before that. August 99 and Sept 99 were fainting times and the doctor then put her on florinef and the atenelol she was already taking. So far, there have been no spells since September. What is your history?

It's wonderful having this forum so that others no they aren't the only ones going through this.

Good Luck!

Re: Vaso Vagal Episode

From: fainting spell. first time


Last night I was cutting my boyfriends hair and shaving the back of his neck with the electic clippers. I noticed he was not putting his head up or talking to me. He started going in and out of fainting spells for about 10 minutes. He started sweating so bad. I called 911 and they said all vital signs were good. They seem to think it was his Vagal Nerve that made him pass out. The nerve on the side of the neck. It made since until I took him to the doctors today and the doctor said "NO". Not related to that..quote "He just fainted". The doctor gave NO reason. Now I'm trying to find out for myself and of course, for my boyfriend, What is going on. Will this happen again? Is The Vagal Nerve the same thing as Vaso Vagal? Please help.

Vagal Reaction

From: Teresa Jury


I was admitted to the hospital for observation because I'd experienced chest discomfort over the last few months (off and on) and always over and around my heart; I had a slight cold and cough when I was admitted.

The second night there I woke up around 3:00 a.m. feeling sick on my stomach, hot and clammy from the waist down.

Got up to go to the bathroom (buzzed the nurse to let her know I was feeling sick) and felt a bit dizzy. The next thing I knew they had called a code since I'd flatlined on the heart monitor. They did 4 compressions and got me back (I don't recall any of this nor any pain) and since this I've had a stress test, MRI, MRA, CAT Scan, Sonograms, and a heart cath and they can find no reason.

I'm told it may have been a vagal reaction from having blood drawn from my arm earlier that evening which didn't even hurt near as bad as when they drew blood gases the day before a couple of times from my wrists.

Have you ever heard of this happening and can you explain it to me better. I'm frightened it could happen again and next time I'll be alone somewhere or even driving.


Teresa Jury

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