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Re: yeah me too

From: Debbie
Date: 3/4/00
Time: 10:09:03 PM
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I've been experiencing what we now are called vasovagal or neurally mediated syncope, for 7 years now. At first I only experienced the spells once every 6-9 months. The doctors did all the tests, the tilt table gave the diagnosis with a positive test. I passed out! The cariologist started me on beta blockers - they lowered my heart rate to 40-45 beats per minute. Then he put me on Paxil (anti-depressant) to level my seratonine. Then he put me on Zoloft, another anit-depressant. For the past 2 years I've been on Prozac. 1st 10 ml, then 20ml, now 30 ml. My spells have increased in the past two years to 3 or 4 times a month. I don't always pass out, but I do fall to my knees and can't focus my attention on anything but getting through the spell. My doctor as of yesterday is tampering me off the Prozac (obviously it hasn't helped). I've had my license taken away 2 times for passing out. It is very frustrating. I'm 43 years old with 2 very active - dancing girls. I'm not a depressed, or over-reactive person. My doctor is running more blood work and another 24-hour heart holter test. I guess we'll see. It just so frustrating!!!


From: tfaulkner


I was diagnosed with vasor depressor syncope when I was 40. I am now 45. I was fainting every night at 3:00 a.m. while lying flat in bed. I would wake up, feel it coming on, then faint, wake up, faint, wake up and so on and so on. I would get a big knot in my stomach, lose my sight, my hearing, black out. My husband said I would go into a slight seizure. I would wake with an ammonia capsule, but keep fainting. When the fainting was done, I would chill and be so cold I shivered and my teeth clattered. One night I got up to go the bathroom (just to talk myself out of fainting) and I fell and crack the head on the tub. Went to hospital for that and they kept me for a week. Went through every test you could go through, cat scan, mri, tilt tables -- lots of them. Everything was okay. I did fail all tilt tables. The doctors only solution (I had a cardiologist, neurologist and general MD) said this syncope thing. Put me on Effexor XR 75 mg one a day. It works! They said it would regulate the seratoni levels in my brain and work with my blood pressure to keep fainting from coming on.Went to my GYN today for a biopsy and fainted today. He said it was vagal reflux -- he knows my history and said 1 out of 10 women will faint with this procedure. The biopsy was for endemetorisis - sorry about the spelling. Anyway I came home and got on the internet to see if anyone else has this. Amazing! I am afraid to go on the Effexor because the fainting symptoms are so awful. So I've been on this for over 5 years. It also helps my PMS. Don't know if this helps anyone else but if you know a cure other than pills, I would love to know. Thank you all for your posts and good luck to everyone.

Re: FYI from 15 yrs. experience w/ VV

From: Brent Wright


I felt like i was gonna die last night. Now I'm shitting green. This sucks.

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