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Re: Vaso-Vagal Syncope

From: CM
Date: 2/25/00
Time: 10:06:05 AM
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Tommie, Your symptoms are almost identical to mine. Vomitting, diarhea, sweating and fainting (or near). I was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syncope after many tests. Hooray for aggressive doctors who don't brush this off. I recover from episodes within an hour or two as though they never happened. One episode happened at 2am -ish. My BP is usually low. Sometimes the nurses kid me and say, "you're dead.. you have no BP." What I was wondering about is... I suspected vaccinations as having a role in this. My doc didn't bite at the possibility. It's just that I have always dealt with the syncope (since high school). The vomitting/diarhea et al is new. Ever since the vaccinations (I had three for going overseas). I had an episode about every three weeks. Now (7 months later) I've had no episodes in as much as twelve weeks. Anybody have any vaccinations lately? Any possible connection? Shots, injections, drugs, etc have never triggered episodes. Thanks for sharing everybody!

Re: observing an episode

From: David S


See my article possible cures

11 year old daugher

From: Tyla Bias


I am in the same boat with my 11 year old daughter. She has been diagnosed with the irritable bowl syndrome - the doc used a much more longer worded name, but can't remember it. Two days ago she passed out in the girls bathroom. Took her to the doc and he said she vageled out. He said he's not too concerned, but if she did it again, to bring her in so he could run some tests. I'd like to know more information on this as well. I'll post later with the terminology my doc used.

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