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Re: Possible way to avoid fainting

From: John L
Date: 2/14/00
Time: 9:07:40 AM
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This is an intetresting observation which may help some. My experience is that it would not help my situation as my VV experience is that my heart rate is elevated to 80-90bpm (from rested 50-55) wit very strong beats. Then it drops/stops suddenly. In on instance I tried to return approximately 200m, walking and jogging, presumably elevating my heart rate and blood pressure. I made it to the lift in my building, and came to with two other people hepling me to my office. Most embarrassing.

I will lie down every time now.

John L

Vasso Depressor Syncope

From: fred


I have Vasso Depressor Syncope, i assume it the same as VVS, does any one have any insight of support groups near toledo Ohio. Or any suggestions.

Re: Feels as if my heart has stopped!

From: Anne


I was diagnosed with VV 2 years ago, coincidentally, after I had lithotripsy for kidney stones. (I wonder if they did something to my kidneys to alter the sodium levels in my blood?) Anyway, my first attack was when I was driving, I coughed hard and felt funny. I felt like I had an out of body experience or something like that. Since then, I have more attacks associated with my menstrual cycle, having 2 or 3 a week for the week just prior to my period. Mine usually happen in the bathroom, bathing my kids in the tub, reaching up to close the shower curtain, etc. I always manage to sit down and have so far prevented an actual fainting episode. I have had several while seated, and also a few while lying in bed, almost asleep. I can always tell when one is coming on as I feel "strange", kind of disembodied, I can hear people talking but it sounds as though they are speaking another language. I then feel nauseated and very weak. I eventually feel blood rush through my body and then I can stand up but I don't feel right for about an hour. The rest of the day is pretty much shot as well. I never experience a tilt-test, but wore a memory-monitor for one month, pushing the button when I felt an episode. From that I was diagnosed and told to increase my salt intake, drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol. I just found this site and am so relieved. These attacks are scaring my husband and he keeps urging me to go to the doctor again but I know they won't do anything so I don't see the point. It's so comforting to know there are others out there with this "syndrome".

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