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Pacemakers for Vasovagal Syncope

From: John D.
Date: 2/1/00
Time: 8:22:26 PM
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For those wondering about pacemakers. I have had two different pacemakers implanted for VasoVagal Syncope over the last eight years. The first model was set to maintain a minimum heart rate of 50. It couldn't do anything about falling blood pressure and I continued to have lightheaded episodes. The pacemaker could keep me from completely fainting if I was lying down, but if I was sitting in a chair, I would pass out for a minute or two. The second newer pacemaker has a rate drop program which speeds up your heart for several minutes if it detects a rapid rate drop. It works most of the time and has prevented me from fainting a couple times. But it took several visits to the doctor to get it adjusted correctly. You need a cardiologist who is familiar with this particular problem.


From: Amy


I have just been diagnosed with this syndrome (1/20/02). I was also taken to er. My doc immediatley diagnosed this because she has three other patients with this syndrome; two women and one man. I was perscibed hyoscyamine to take at on-set. My face is still black an blue. I have had 5 or 6 of these events for the last 2 years, but never have I passed out. I live in dread.


From: Lynn


My husband is 28 and We just spent and entire day at the hospital. He was in for a kindey stone....Boy that was crazy. They pumped him with 14mg of Mophine before they could get him relaxed enough to get a CT scan. 4 hours later he was Diagnosed with a kidney stone and was released. Before he was released they gave him 2 percasets(SP?) 15 mitues later I am driving home in rush hour traffic and he says..turn around...go the time I looked at him he was sweating and passed out. I pulled over and he statred siezing. I never heard of VV so i didn't know to lay him flat DAH! He woke up about 60 seconds later confused and wondering where he was. I rush him back to the hospital. He heart hate was 50 when we got there. Now that he has been diagnosed as bieng susptible for VV, I can count atleast 10 times when he so called "vageld out" in the past 7 years. How many episodes does one have to have before something is done about it?? Does it worsen with age? He has had at least 5 episodes in the past 2 years. Any suggestions? Thanks Lynn

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