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Re: Hey, anyone else here sneeze in the sun?

From: John L
Date: 1/16/00
Time: 9:55:04 PM
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Hi Beth, Yes I sneeze in sunlight in fact I sneeze twice. I know of others who sneeze and some sneeze once and that is it, others have to sneeze twice. I haven't connected this with V V, maybe there is co-relation - Never know!!! John L

Re: vaso-vagal response

From: erin


I know these posts were long ago but i'm offering my advice. I also suffer from vaso vago. I am now 22 and was diagnosised when i was around 5. My major passing outs occur when i get shots, and extreme excitement/nearvousness, and it was worsed during my pregnancy. I have managed to prolong the actual fainting. i have taught myself over the years to breath slowly, put my head between my legs when the "black spots" start. i admit i don't have full control but i have enough "power" that i can get safe, sit, lay down, and what not. Because of my little technique i know when and what each stage is. first my heart starts racing, so i try to breath and calm down, (sometimes i can stop it at this stage) then i see the black spots, put my head between my knees, then once my vision is gone i have my hearing for a few this is when i usually yell out orders to someone around me if there is. then i'm out. the worst part is wakeing and having the "uncontrolable crying" anyways i just wanted to add my input and maybe it will be useful for someone!

My daughter just feignted

From: Steve B.


About an hour ago, my daughter was standing with me in the kitchen. She spooned herself some rice out of the pot.... "Too hot..."! She was waving at her mouth with her hand... then she sat down on the floor of the kitchen and then gracefully lay down on her back. I thought she was fooling around and so I told her that the floor was dirty and she should get up... When she "ignored" me, I said it again... When she still "ignored" me, I yelled at her to be serious... Her eyes were open this whole time... Suddenly, she said "Huh?... What?" and sat up. She didn't remember anything after eating the hot rice.

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