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Re: Vaso Vagal and Age

Date: 1/10/00
Time: 10:53:21 AM
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My 8 year old son had his first episode at age 3, and was diagnosed at age 5. His episodes actually have increased recently. He has specific triggers, which can be anything related to "sight of blood" or if he even thinks about anything having to do with blood, anatomy, bodily functions, etc. He obviously will never be a Doctor! :)

I was watching My Cousin Vinny and ...

From: Puddy


I was watching My Cousin Vinny and started to laugh real hard and then I passed out. This is the third time for me and once passed out from a coughing attack. Today the doctor said I may have vaso-vagal. It is strange but I passed out just laughing at my desk, once laughing in bed and then getting up quickly, once laughing in a chair watching tv and once just standing up coughing.

Has anyone else had these symptons. Thanks

Propane and ventilation



I always get my attacks in restaurants with bad ventilation, open kitchens, little propane tableside carts. Doesn't matter what I eat, when eeat or how much.

I also had one at a theatre during a play when I dididn't know they were about to fake a fireplace wwith a propane flame out of the stage floor. I started to feel weird and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then they hit the flame. As soon as it burned out whatever gas or proropane was fueling it, I felt better.

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