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drinking water and increasing salt intake

Date: 1/9/00
Time: 8:18:19 PM
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Response to Tommy: Most of the time I get the stomach cramps as a warning, have the loose stool and empty my entire colon. Your symptoms seem very much similar to mine. I had one episode Oct. 29 and another on Dec. 29. 10/29 I passed out - family got me from the bathroom to bed, then I had to go right back to bathroom. I was at lunch with my work colleagues in Dec. fortunately, I just got the weak, hot, sweaty, clammy, diarrhea - but did not pass out. I work in the health care field, surrounded by nurses, and they check my blood pressure quite often. My normal is 70/90-100. I had quite a rushed day, and one of the nurses told me she thought it was stress related. A few times I would agree, but not always. I would hate to be on the sub way and have all this going on. I have seen cardiologist and he says drink lots of water and increase your salt intake. Doctors don't take this seriously, but it can hamper your life if you allow it to control you. I am most anxious the week after an episode, then I seem to relax until the next one hits. Mine used to come every 3 years, now I am experiencing them every few months. It's such a random thing. I am grateful mine only come while I am in the bathroom, at least it is private and I can recoup on my own. My periods of weakness also increase - it takes me longer to get over them than in the past. In October it took me a whole day to regain my strength. I have had a hysterectomy so mine are not menstrual cycle related. I only remember having one during my menstrual cycle. I was able to carry on my work day after my Dec. episode, however, I did not pass out on that occasion. I have not tried beta blockers, Prozac or any meds - but I am glad others are getting help from these. Perhaps someone will be able to help us if we all keep comparing notes, and someone finally gets some definitive assistance.

Re: stomach ache/vomiting brings on episode

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I've had VV for over 20 yrs. The first time was the big one when I passed out and cracked my head. Since then I've been able to lay down. The past 10 yrs, however I always feel one coming on when I'm about to vomit. Its always a race. Will I throw up first or pass out first. In the past laying down has helped. I am realizing however, that it is taking me longer and longer to recover when I lay down. Just last week however, I was at the mall with 4 children, to celebrate my daughter's eighth birthday. I was feeling a tiny bit quesy about an hour before we left. By the time we got there, I was in the bathroom with the runs. Of course I had a VV episode and layed on the floor of the bathroom. This time however, even after 20 mins and my husband's help, I could not walk out of the store, much less out of the mall. We had to call an amubalance. Long story short, I'm on my third round of EKG, HOLT monitors, echocardiagrams, etc. in the past 20 yrs. Luckily for me, I don't have them too often and I know they are coming on. Another upside is that I've never passed out before getting sick. I'm just concerned that it takes me so long to recover. I'm also angry that it interferes with my children's and students' lives. I've been able to work around my presyncope episodes at work, a high school, but most of the time it was just plain luck.

Public places



Always in restaurants with open kitchens and bad ventilation. Think it has something to do with propane.

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