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Re: V-V before "bug"

Date: 1/4/00
Time: 5:43:27 PM
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I had the same thing happen. I had a stomach flu and vomited for about a day. The next day I woke up, got sick, and fainted in my bathroom. I have had vaso vagal also. My boyfriend insisted I go to the emergency room and they put me on an IV for a couple of hours. I was dehydrated, and they told me to drink LOTS of gatorade. I did, and it helped a lot. I hope this helps you.

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From: malissa


This week has been really diffrent from thew others.well two days a go my boy friend that I anm going to get married to. Well he thought i was cheating on him. so then he stoped the marrige. See we were dating for 3 years. Ever sence the begging we have always though we were right fore each other.when we brock up. I tryed to call him. I left 1 message and I was crying all night and i could not go to school the next day. my heart is brocken in so many way that I have not talked to any family about it at all. My friend tell me to fore get him but i love him so much I cant. Also I wount ever.So if any one can help me find a way to get back pleas I would realy enjoy it realy.

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After reading all of your letters, I am wondering how many of you have used NUTRASWEET (Equal, Aspartame)? When I stopped using this product, my symptoms went away. I felt cold, my heartbeat raced or was irregular, I broke out into a sweat and had to have a BM. While in the bathroom, I leaned a little to the right, breathed slowly and deep, tried to think calm thoughts, passed the stool and then I felt better. I have noticed that sometimes, around my cycle and if I am not regular with my bowels, this can happen. My advise? Drink plenty of water, stay away from artificial sweetners, keep your bowels regular and try not to panic. Deep breathe and lean to the right when you are having a BM as this takes pressure off of the L side where the BM goes before coming out. Also, try not to clench your teeth. These have worked for me. Also eat well to keep your blood sugar regular. Hope this helps.

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