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stomach ache/vomiting brings on episode

From: mark
Date: 1/2/00
Time: 11:01:25 PM
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Vaso vagal only with stomic flu?

From: scott edwards


When my daughter was 3 we were driving home from the gym and she screamed out at the top of her lungs and I looked back and she was all clinched up in the back seat. I pulled over and tryed to get her out of the car but her arms were so stiff I couldn't remove the seat belt.I finally was able to remove her and put her on my lap. She was liveless for about 20 sec. and then came too. At this time she vomited. By the time the ambalance showed up she was ok. At that point we ran her through all the test EKG,EEG,MRI,all the blood work was fine. She is now 13 and has had this happen to her atleast once a year. She seems only do this when she has the stomic flu. She may only do it once or as many as 5 times that day.Yesterday she came down with the flu bug and passed out 4 time in about a 7 hour period. She knows when it's coming, she will usually loss her vision and then become stiff as a board then limp for about 30 sec.after that she will wake up and vomit. The Doctors haven't been able to help much and we were hoping that someone out there could shed some light.

Re: agoraphobia and/or vaso-vagal?

From: Rich (


In response to agoraphobia, it would seem to me, at least in you case and perhaps in many other cases, that this is a chicken-egg problem. Both of these issues seem to go hand in hand.

For instance, I pass out for an unknown reason in a restaurant. Now, every time I go to a restaurant, I feel so anxious about passing out again, I begin to bring on another syncopal episode. Is this agoraphobia or VVS? I'd say both. Which is the primary cause, and which is the seconday? Perhaps it is both. Perhaps it is neither (in reference to you viscious cycle).

I can say that anxiety is not something that can be rationalized away by "toughening up", or "bucking up", or "getting better control of your mind" (ie. mind over matter); although, there are some things to be said about doing all one can do to relax one's mind.

I have had VVS since I was a little kid. Its the most frightening thing in the world. It is frustrating, scary, and maddening at times. I feel your pain.


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