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Re: Vaso Vagal and Age

Date: 12/27/99
Time: 3:25:14 AM
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Hi there Nathan, I have already contributed twice to this discussion group but having just read your question, my 16 yr old son also appears to be following in my footsteps, unfortunately for him. About a month ago, he was at school, when out of the blue, he said he became extremely nauseous, sweaty and disoriented. This lasted for about 2-3 minutes. He thought he was going to pass out but never actually did. As far as I'm aware, this has been his only episode. What happened with you Nathan?

Pace Maker

From: Doug


I had a pace maker implant July 27th 2002 and have not had a episode since, i would not be working now if not for the pacemaker! My last checkup Doc said it operates about 10% of the time, more at night and early morning hrs. GoodLuck. 45 yrs old.

Vaso-Vagal in Children

From: Lori-Delaware


Recently my 6 year old went to have a vacine to visit mexico. She has always been ok to watch the dog get shots, and her Grandmother is insilin shot dependent, and really thought as a hole the idea was ok. She had the shot, and 15 minutes later she went ridgid in my arms and passed out eyes wide open. I was informed by her Dr. that she must have Vaso-Vagal. As a parent, I was wondering what other things can set this off. An adult can understand/feel the faint coming on, she didn't understand what was happening. They also commented that she may out grow this...I'm looking for futher research to verify that. Also, I found her father in a ridgid faint one night in the bathroom, I believe he has it too, is this hereditary?

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