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Re: too vagal!

From: Ami
Date: 12/8/99
Time: 10:05:47 AM
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Hi Beth, I know your message is several months old already, but I thought I'd add that I've lately had problems from fainting too. Never in my life had I fainted before, and then when I went to get a tetanus shot from the doctor (because of a cat bite that had become infected) everything was fine until I went to the front desk and suddenly became dizzy. That's the last thing I remember. The next thing I know I'm being picked up of the floor and people are all around me asking if I'm ok. It's the scariest thing that ever happened to me. The next time was while I was at work. I had gone in for an evening shift, and hadn't had a chance to eat much all day. About 2 hours into the shift I felt real tired, couldn't stop yawning, and began to feel short of breath. I was about to go tell my boss I wasn't feeling well when I suddenly got very dizzy and weak. Next thing I know I'm waking up and someone said I passed out at the register...but for less than a minute. I was upset and angry, wanting to know why this was happening to me. The third time has to do with the illness I'm dealing with now. I've been sick on and off since Oct. with some unknown thing. I went to the doctor and he told me to have a blood test done. I was a little worried but for some reason I didn't think having a little blood taken was going to bother me. But it did. After having the blood drawn I became dizzy once again. I asked to lie down (and I believe that would have prevented it) but for some reason they insisted I not and tried to give me a protein drink. It didn't help at all and I don't remember it but they said I fell head first onto the floor. I did have an abrasion on my arm from the fall. I really think some doctors should listen more to their patients. I probably would have been fine if I lied down. Anyway, I know what's it's like to deal with fainting. I believe my vagal nerve is overly sensitive but I don't know why. They said I might be hypoglycemic but I haven't had the testing done yet. Well good luck to you. If you want to talk more feel free to email me at

Vaso Vagal

From: AshleyKS


I have had episodes like this all my life. I am 19 years old and the most recent one was last week. Before that it hadn't occured for over a year i believe. They are very scarry episodes. What normally occurs from what I can recall is that I recieve a sharp blow or experience a sharp pain somewhere and become extremely faint and disoriented, and I now know after so many of these episodes, that i'm going to pass out. Once or twice I have somehow avoided passing out by forcing myself to maintain consciousness, unless the episode was just less severe. Once I pass out, from what my mother has told me, my heart stops for a short period of time and I guess i struggle to breathe or something until someone knocks me out of it by shaking or slapping me awake. Once I'm awake I'm very "out of it" and unstable, shaky and weak. The past couple of times it has occured was when I was in the bathroom. This is very frightening to me especially since I live in a dorm room and if this happened in the middle of the night in the bathroom with the door locked, I don't know what would happen because i've always had someone there to "knock me out of it".

Re: Strange Feeling



I also feel my temperature sore. In fact I can watch it go up and down with a themometer when I am standing vs. laying down. I wonder if anyone else gets high temps?

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