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Re: My Vaso Vagal Episode

From: Kathy
Date: 11/17/99
Time: 11:29:40 AM
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My daughter had her first "passing out spell" when she was 16. She is now 19. She had a stomach virus and vomiting. She dehydrated and I took her to the emergency room. They gave her something for the nausea and were going to get her up for an x-ray. She passed out (quietly). They told me it was from the medication. As she was having the x-ray, while standing, she passed out again. Again, it was supposedly from the medication. She was kept in the hospital. In the next 2 days whe went from passing out twice to twelve times in one day. The Dr.'s said she was doing it on purpose. Then she started having seizures. Small ones at first. Just stiffening. Then full blown ones, kicking arms and legs. Always when she came too, it was with a loud shrill scream. Took her to specialist, diagnosed depression, took her to phyciatrist. No help. Still passing out, having seizures, screaming, fighting when she comes too. Took her to other specialist. Diagnosed migraines. Took betablockers. No help. Our local emergency room told us not to bring her back. That she was faking. How can you fake a dead faint. When this child went out, it was like dropping a rope. She wen straight down. Whatever she hit, she hit. She fell out of the wheel chair in our local doctors office and cracked her wrist, but they told us that she was faking.

Finally took her to a cardiologist. He said her autonomic nervous system was out of balance. Tilt-table test was not conclusive. Put her on salt tablets, increased fluids, and a medicine called flourinef. It seems to work pretty well.

She just had a episode today while she was at work. She was sick and vomited. When she stood up, she knew that she was going our, but could not stop it. She passed out a total of 7 times, and had body seizures with all but the first one. She has to lay down and let her body comletely relax, but this doesn't always help. No matter how many time I see this it scares me. One time today she came back to without the scream, and I knew that she was not all the way back because her eyes were glazed. She did not know anyone around her, not even me, and she was terrified and fighting. She passed out again and came back with the scream and knew everyone. It seems hers are triggered by nausea and vomiting, or sever pain, such as menstrual cramps. I hope this helps someone. It is so discouraging to go to dr. after dr. and not be able to know what is wrong with your child. Especially when they think she is putting on.




I suffered for about 10 years with a problem that no Dr could seem to find a reason for therefore no cure. I would have periods when I would suddenly start feeling what I call disassociated. I would experience the swooing feelings described in this article. When this happened I could not function. I would eventually sleep a very labored sleep and I was very hard to arouse but I would not be totally unconcious as I could be aroused for a few minutes. I had every kind of test imaginalble including EKG's, Brain scans, arterior grams, Blood glucose test, physcological test and many others, but nothing out of the ordinary was found. Twice I passed out while at a shopping mall and the Paramedics were called both times they said that my heart rate and blood pressure were extremely low; however, by the time I got to the hospital and was checked everything had started to appear normal. My problem had gotten so bad and had increased in number until I was getting afraid to get in the car to drive because I never knew when these inicidents would occur. The might happen several times daily for several weeks and then no happen again for several months. The problem finally got so bad I went ahead and took early retirement. I finally went to the University of Birmingham Medical Center Birmingham Diagnostic Center and a young Dr Kloss asked for any other symptoms I had. I happened to mention that I usually wound up with heart burn at some point during these incidents. He then ran tests and found that I had GERD and perscribed Prilosec. I have only had a couple of incidents since I started taking the Prilosec. One thing I may need to mention is that I had the jejuno ileal bypass surgery to loose weight approximate 10 years before this problem started. Eventhough a lot of time the Dr's I saw assumed that my problem was related to that surgery it was never verified. I am actually thrilled to read this article and find out that I am not the only person who suffers these symptoms

Re: Vaso-Vagal Syndrome & Seizures

From: Kay


My son, 22 years old, has had episodes like this for several years now. Last year the doctor diagnosed him with Vaso-Vagal. He seems to get up with stomach ache and goes to the bathroom and when he sits down he passes out usually hitting anything in his way down, Seizes and eye drop back in head.

We are having an EEG (without sleeping for 24 hours) which doctor said probably will not tell us anything. Wants my son to wear a heart monitor for to check for 24 hours. If the EEG does not show anything they will be putting him in hospital and running a video EEG for 3 days.

Doctors don't really seem to know what to do. One doctor said it could be milk related so he's off of milk. He is a full-time student and works part-time so there probably is alot of stress. They may be his problem. I will post results from test.

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