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Re: Maybe a variation

From: Paula
Date: 11/1/99
Time: 9:18:05 PM
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Just Diagnosed at 31

From: Heather L.


I just recently learned what vasovagal syncope is. In the past year I had 3 episodes that all occurred in the same situation- after I had sex with my husband in the morning. I would get up to use the washroom and then it would happen. I started breathing faster and heavier, my eyes would get the 'fuzzies' and everthing would get darker and darker and every time this happened I blacked out and fell to the floor. I was scared and thought I was dying every time. And I didn't want to have sex anymore. I thought I was developing a panic disorder and was getting scared to go to work but had to anyway. Then my next episode occurred. At work. I cut hair and I was in the middle of a haircut and all I could think was when my client was finished talking I have to excuse myself because I felt it coming on. I couldn't wait so I told him I would be back and barely made it 10 feet and fell into a chair breathing heavy. I said to myself you gotta get up so I did. I barely made it into the back room and fell into another chair; my shears and comb flying.Two coworkers asked if I was okay and I said no. I got up and went into the bathrroom, locked the door like a dummy, went to the bathroom, just got up and did my pants and I blacked out and fell and hit my head on the door. I'm not sure how long I was out but I heard one of the girls ask if I was Ok and if I could open the door. I got up and unlocked the door and they sat me in a chair. I started pouring out the sweat. They brought me some juice and I seemed to be getting better. I went to the urgent care immediately and they did some tests but they sent me home saying I might be hypoglycemic and need to follow up. I did and the doctor thought I might have vaso vagal so offered some tests that I had to wait almost 3 weeks for. I went in the Mon. the week of Halloween and had an ultrasound of my heart and a 24 hour heart monitor put on. It was taken off on Tues. On Wed. I woke up with a pain in my chest but otherwise felt okay. Had to run errands so I left and got about 3 minutes from my house at a stoplight and it started to happen. I pulled over right away, called my husband,opened the door and grabbed some juice. He told me to go home so I did. I called my grandma who lives only 5 minutes from me and told her what was going on; she said she was coming over. I called my Mom at work and she said to call my Dr. right away. As I was looking for the # it got worse and the tunnel vision kicked in so I called 911 because I was home alone. The paramedics were there in 2 minutes. I had my first ride in an ambulance and was in the ER for a few hours. I don't know if this is a common thing with people that have this but I also have extra tissue at the end of one of my valves that causes a blockage to the blood flow.I was released and had a tilt table test the following morning which proved to be a success. I blacked out! It was wierd and scary but glad I passed out because if not it could be something worse. I now take Corgard which has helped tremendously. I haven't had any episodes except for the first 2 weeks when the medicine had to kick in. I would get the initial onset of an episode. The warmth starting in my chest and then my whole body, the weakness in all my limbs and the breathing, but then it would go away and now it doesn't happen at all. I still feel now and then like I get panicky in certain situations but it is also subsiding. And I have a tightness in my chest kind of all the time, but it's not always bothersome.My doctors did ask me several times if other family members have had this problem but I am adopted and don't know. So, I wonder if this could be a genetic thing or if it's an individual thing. All I know is that if you're having blackouts or fainting spaells, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!

Vaso Vagal Reaction- what can be done?


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