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Re: I was told I had a vaso vagal incident.

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I am so sorry about your son's episodes. My hsuband has had Vasovagal depressor syncope for three and a half years. Never has he stopped breathing though. There is another type of event monitor that is more reliable, and gives the doctor an exact reading of what the heart is doing at the time of one of these events. The electrode that picks up the electrical impulses is placed just under the skin (small incision) and is always on. I read about this being done in Austria and our cardiologist has said that that would be our next step. For the last three years the doctors have gone back and forth about what exactly the heart is doing during one of these episodes----we would have been better off doing this in the beginning. The other thing we would have done would be to have gone to an EG specialist right away. That is a heart doctor that deals with neurological issues which is what Vasovagal syncope deals with. The other advise I could give is to do as much research on this issue as you can--Please forward your email if you'd like and as I am doing my research I will certainly keep my ears open for your son's symptoms and the fact that he stops breathing at the same time. I am a mother of two and I can only imagine the tough time that you are going through now. Keep up your strength and determination and I will be thinking of you and your son. Sincerely, Carol Sheehan

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