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Re: V.V and pacer

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From: lisa---SCARED


I do not know if this is anything like you have ever gone through, but this scares me to death, it literally brings tears to my eyes when I come too. This has happened to me twice as far as passing out, I usually just pass out, but this is some type of out of body experience? When I pass out, (and these are both due to getting my blood drawn and them not being able to hit a vein, and digging forever), I have screamed out loud in front of the nurse and my sister. I had her go with me this last time in case I passed out, so she could observe what happened. Anyways I screamed out loud because as soon as I passed out I was going through a real loud and noisey tunnel, very windy also. At the same time as I was traveling, just in mid air, (like someone was carying me),there was atrain wreck happening right in front of me like it was going to hit me. Also at the same time there was a car wreck happening with several cars, and all this was coming right at me also. Really strange? I have had that happen to me twice, and both were identical to each other. Does this sound like I am close to death or just an out of body experience, to which I call it???? All I know is it is very terrifying to go through, and I pray to God I do not have to go through that again. I have the little spells all the time, were I have to lay down and get cooled off, before I pass out. I really start shaking in my hands, and I feel like I am being poked with little needles all up and down my hands and arms. Cold sweats realy bad, vision gets kind of blurry, can't really talk, just lay there feeling like I am out of my body. Go from hot to cold constantly, and canno't get up off of the floor, sick to my stomach, feeling as if I could throw up, but never do. I have also passed out during the middle of the night when I have got up to go urinate, have got up a littlw later off of the floor. Do not know how long I was down there, but feel like I have been beat to death. I think caffein and some of my medications have brought these episodes on?? Plus I hardly drink water, so I am probably really dehydriated. Any info please right back. Thank-you Lisa

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