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smelling salts do not work

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From: laurie


In aug 06', I found my husband lying face down & non-responsive in a pool of blood, from bloody nose. Rescue came and took him to hospital. Still non-responsive, they ran MRI, Cat scans, X-rays, EEG's, EKG & all of it. All checked out ok. He started coming around 4 hours later, complaining of sereve headache & unable to move, he was paralized for over 24 hours. Finally able to move his extremeties, he was released. Also, DH smoked cigarettes at this time, after this event, he does not nor did not want cigarettes anymore. Since then, it's gotten alot worse, now having vvs/seizures & blurred & double vision. His diet consists of only gatorade nothing eles, no caffine at all. They thought it was his heart , so heart cath was performed, when the cardiologist simply applied pressue on the groin area, DH heart rate & BP dropped then shot atropine , he came to again - they once again applied pressue, once again heart & BP dropped, but the test came out fine, no blockage. The tech that was assisting stated that we might look at this Vaso vagal syncope. So went back to his Primary Doc, placed him on Altace, nitro, lipitor. DH has had daily fainting spells, when any excertion is performed. DH had an appointment to discuss another EEG that was done, They asked if he would like a flu shot, while we were there, dh accepted & I advised the tech that she may want him lying down because of these daily occurrences. I'm glad I advised, becasue after the flu shot , he went right into seizure-like activty, the tech got concerned because he stopped breathing & ran to get smelling salts, I smelled it, but DH did not, No responce what-so ever to smelling salt. The doctor checked his BP & pulse, it was 141/106. Advised us there was nothing she could do. Are there any doctors that specialize in this area at all, seems like the cardiologist just blew it off as being anxiety problem.Any addition info would be appreciated @ sieglee@aol.We have since applied for disability, waiting for decision.

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