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vaso vagal response

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I have had this response twice fairly recent. Both episodes occured while doing lab work at my doctors office. The first time it occured I had finished with the drawal of blood and felt fine, until I stood up and began to walk out. I felt dizzy and faint. I did not say anything and tried to make it to my car outside. I had a hard time getting the key in the lock, because my hand was shaking so badly. When I got in the car I placed my head between my knees thinking that getting blood to my head would keep me from passing out. After approx. 5-10 minutes I was fine. When I went for the follow up visit I mentioned the episode to my doctor and he said it was the vasovagal response, and said to tell the lab techs next time I came in for lab work, and that they would lay me down to draw blood. My next episode occured approx. 8 months later, which was 2 months ago. I felt fine after the initial stick but the tech began fidgeting with the needle for some reason and almost as if I had a button inside my arm that she hit, I became faint, extremely thirsty and very pale according to the tech. They took me to a room adjacent to the lab and laid me down until I felt better. I am not sure but I believe that both times I was stuck in my left arm, and the techs fidgeted with the needle after the prick. I think maybe they hit a certain nerve in that arm that triggers the response.

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