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Re: Continued Discussion

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From: Becca


Hi John,

You're welcome. I've had this condition for years and there are things I wish I had known to begin with like the journaling idea.

You know, at it's extreme if you avoid everything that gives you symptoms, including exercise eventually you will do nothing!!!! I find with mine in particular the less I do the less I can do. Always it takes time to get myself back to where I was before I get an attack. I still manage to go for walks because I carry a portable stool around with me, I do some yoga poses and meditation (great for anxiety!).

Prior to my tilt test I was able to do all sorts of sports not to a huge extent but I would swim several times a week and go for long walks at the weekend and I really missed it afterwards (suprirsingly so), that said I do get enjoyment out of the exercise I can do.

I live in the UK so gatorade is a bit of a mystery to me (in terms of ingredients), but I do know of people in the US who have the condition and find it of use, so give it a go! Salt can help keep BP up (though you need to make sure yours doesn't ever go high - I personally have both high and low BP! so it isn't good for me to play with salt in my diet) good hydration is another one.

The best way to look at trying things is as a learning experience. If something makes you feel better - great, if it brings on an attack then use it as a possible indicator to your triggers and either reduce it or eliminate it (I cannot tolerate caffine at all or lucozade either so I don't have it anymore).

Turn yourself into a science experiment - can't tell I'm a scientist can you? *lol*

You could also try registering and posting on ndrf - as the folks on there have been of great help to me over the past few years; here and there are the best forums on the net (in my opinion!)

Take care, Becca

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