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From: Khouri


The first time I passed out was when I lost my first tooth, so around 6 or 7. I saw the blood, told my mom I was going to pass out, and then did so.

I'm now 22, and have passed out 5-10 times, maybe more, I'm not sure. Most of the time I felt dizzy, but was able to sit or lay down and keep myself from passing out.

Forunately, a this has happened several times in a doctor's office (I'm afraid of needles) and so I've been rushed to urgent care, and had "tests" run, though I think the only thing they've done was do some bloodwork. The doctors say I probably have VV, because it's probably not epilepsy.

Anyway, here's my complete list of symptoms, in case if anyone else goes through the same things.

I feel really weird, and mentally detached from my surroundings, then feel nauseated (but don't vomit), then start feeling lightheaded. Sometimes it stops here, and I'll have pinpricks of light swirling in my vision for a moment, then be fine. If it continues, then my hearing sorts of flattens out, I get a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel my energy draining suddenly. At this point, I know I'll be passing out shortly, and inform anyone nearby. 5 -45 seconds later, my vision fades to black, and I lose consciousness.

I've been told by witnesses to these episodes that (at least sometimes) I convulse, or seize. Some say my entire body goes rigid/tense, and then goes limp, some say my eyes roll into the back of my head. However, I've never hurt myself by falling or.. convulsing, at least I've never been sore after waking up. I also sometimes lose control of my bladder while I'm out.

While I'm unconscious, the only thing I'm aware of is it's like I'm dreaming in fast forward, but it's more like memories than dreams, they feel familiar. I don't actually have enough time to recognize them, because they go too fast, and I don't remember much afterwards. The last time I passed out, there were also voices - varied and indistinct, like the hub-bub of a crowd.

After who knows how long (a second to 5 or more minutes) I fade back up to consciousness, but have no memory whatsoever. The first thought I always have coming back is "crap, it happened again," before I know where I am or who I am. It's hard to think, I have a very lagged response time, and it's hard to talk, my voice is slurred. My body in tingly and I can't move it, or it's very hard to move. The one time I heard voices, they continued after I was conscious, until about the same time my other faculties gradually returned to normal.

My post-snycope response time seems to be getting longer, and worse over time. It used to take seconds before I was up and about again, last time it took several minutes before I could even move.

Afterwards I feel exausted.

So, does this sounds familiar? I know one other person described the "fast-forward dreaming," and has been conclusively diagnosed as having VV, and a malignant case as well, where their heart stops when they pass out. I don't know if mine does or not, I just know my blood pressure bottoms out.

My triggers tend to be fear of needles, having a straight back or standing up for long periods, getting up or bending down too quickly, and just random other things.

Has anyone else had the loss of bladder, or voices, or not able to move afterwards?

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