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fainting after an injection or blood test my entire life

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From: christie


I'm a 46 yr old woman. I've had fainting spells associated with shots or blood tests since I was a very small child. I can remember putting my head between my legs after childhood vaccines. It is hit or miss, I do not always faint, just sometimes. I always look away and never watch. I am not afraid of doctors and I am not afraid to have my blood drawn so this makes no sense to me. I have fainted when I saw my child bleed in the emergency room after he broke his wrist in a school yard accident. I was ok until the nurse was putting in an IV line in him and I saw blood running down his arm and I fainted. In my early 20's I fainted when I saw my husband bleeding in the hospital after a very serious motorcycle accident. I fell flat on my face and was admitted to the ER. After being observed and a glass of OJ I was ok. I was in the doctor's office last week and after an injection I turned white and got clammy and dizzy and the doctor asked me if I was ok. She said I lost all color and went completely white. I told her that I'd been fainting after shots or blood work for as long as I could remember. She is the only doctor that has EVER told me about the vaso-vagal syndrome. Now I have a possible cause for my bizzare fainting spells. I've posted this to let others know my story. If anyone ever does a study I would like to know about it. Chris

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