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had it at 6yrs old

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From: Ohio


My condition started when I was around 6. I'd tell my mom or aunt I wasn't feeling well..they yelled at me to stand up straight. Next thing I know I am waking up in a diffrent room on the floor...wondering WTF? Feeling horrid. I saw doctor after doctor. Test after test. Test I thought would never end. I was so sick and tired of doctors. And was one who began thinking it was all in my head. My parents thought ti was an excuse to get out of house work or not go to school. then they thought I was bringing it on myself...kinda like crying on cue. They final believe me in high school. I had to be transported to teh hospital for falling of a stool (that I don't remember doing) All I knew was I felt ill...very sick to my stomach..I put my head down on the desk...and the next thing I knwo I have the nurse butterfly stitching my lip on th ground with paramediics just a bout your high school embarrassment. To me that's what it became. I was seeing a doc on a daily basis. Till I was around 19-20 when I seen a cariologist who asked me 5 questions and told me he knew what it was. Tilt table time. It is truely the worst feeling ever. At which I spend the next 10 years in denial..I can anyone know after 5 questions when you've seen doc after doc and no one else knew what was going on. Now I guess I have coem to turms with it. It still sucks. My symptoms range in severity...starting with...ill to my stomach and skin starts to feel wierd and tunnel vision sets outs..loss of bladder and bowls..vomiting...and I usually come out of it soaked to the bone in sweat...I seriously look like I was just tossed in a pool. I know when they are coming on..and lay down in the coolest place I can find...but also usually require a toilet because I have the need to (go number two) during or right after...I am 31 now and still deal with the symptoms at least a few times a year...I haven't seen a doctor in a long time...cause I guess I just figure nothing can be done..and it's not happening on a regualr basis anymore.sudden excitment or severe embarrassment, lack of sleep, smoking at odd hours at night, tend to be my triggers though I can't fully be sure. If anyone wants to chat about it..having difficulty dealing with it...or just want to ask questions about my experience...don't hesitate to email me at My advice...when one comes on...don't fight it...get on the floor and let it go...cry if you want...I do...everytime...but fighting it seems to make it worse..and last longer...

doctored out in ohio

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