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Re: Please describe tilt table experience

From: Hemworth


I was 49 when diagnosed and quite fit although injuries had slowed me down slightly. I was still swimming and playing tennis and basketball. With the pacemaker installed all I have to do is not play physical contact sports - this includes basketball, trampolining, horseridding and high risk sports - skydiving etc.. I do not have the worry of having another session of vvs as I know the pacemaker will automatically kick in and keep the heartrate above 60 therebye stopping the stomach pains. I have to be careful around electrical items like mobiles and wireless communications (telephone, computers). It is possible to use all of the above but you have to remember to use them at least 8-10 inches away from the site of the pacemaker. You will be given a booklet with all the do's and don'ts. Also you will receive a small information card that you need to carry all the time. If you are taken ill or have an accident this needs to be clearly visible. Also when flying you will have a personal body search rather than go through the electronic detectors - just allow extra time for checkin.

All in all, I have not had any problems and forget that I have it installed. I have an annual check up which takes about 30-40 minutes with my cardiologist. When in UK I do not have a problem but I now live in France and come to USA often I have a bit a problem with the seatbelts as it goes over the pacemaker site. Does not hurt, more phsycological, as during the first 3-4 months the area was tender and I could feel the pacemaker move before the muscle grew around it.

The operation was minor. I had a local anathestic and a sedative. My op was late in the day so stayed overnight. Had it been earlier I would have gone home the same day.

I have no idea how old you are or your background but if your drs are suggesting this - do it. It will make a tremendous difference to you - your stress level will go down dramatically as you are not worrying about 'when will it happen again'. This in itself will help eleviate some of the problems associated with vvs.

Let me know when you are having it done!!


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