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Re: Please describe tilt table experience

From: hemworth


Becca/Missy - The table tilt test consists of initially lying on a standard examination platform but having a couple of safety straps place across you. There is also a footplate at the bottom. You are connected to an ecg and your vitals are taken every 2 mins for about 20 mins.The bed is then put at an angle of approx 70 degrees. I was then given a spray under the tongue. I was warned that my heart rate would imcrease - not to worry this was normal. Mine didn't - within 5 seconds it dropped to 30 beats/min, accompanied with the stomach pains. I did not loose consiousness but felt awful. I was given adrenalin to increase the heartrate. Kept in ward for remainder of the day. As soon as the heartrate increased the pain went. I now have the pacemaker and it is set to kick in if I have a session and heartrate drops to below 60 -Will last for upto 10 years and probably longer as I have yet to use it - thankfully! Missy, perhaps your dr should look at this as well. It can be used to regulate the heartrate up and down. Let me know how you are.

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