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Re: Please describe tilt table experience

From: Becca


Hi Lorraine,

Possibly I'm not the right person to respond to this as my experience wasn't a positive one. I was misdiagnosed from my tilt test and the doctor who sent me for it didn't understand either the test or what VV is. He thought the test was 'fun' and would give him proof I was just another 'chronic attention seeker'. He said the attention seeking is also known as vv. I'm sure you get the picture - the man was an idiot.

My test made my condition much, much worse, which can sometimes happen. It can my current specialist tells me also cure the problem so do bare that in mind. Mine however, came close to killing me because my response wasn't 'standard' enough. My blood pressure completely bottomed and my heart rate kept doubling and became unstable as well - eventually both bottomed out I didn't completely lose consiousness (though apaprently I should have done) but couldn't stand up and was very sick afterwards.

I went from literally being able to walk and swim miles to being forced to carry a portable stool everywhere. I can't even stand to sing in the choir I attend anymore as I black out. I am now unconisouss for longer than before (the condition is getting worse each time it happens) and when I come round I cannot move for a long time and my hands and feet do not work properly - I have bad circulation problems as well.

Unfortunately my idiot dr who sent me for the test said I had 'panic attack' and put me on a high dose of betablocker, which made my condition worse and because he said it was definitely panic attack I was almost sectioned. My current specialist has told me to NEVER have the test done again - I came close to having a heart attack and the test could kill me.

Of course I am an extreme case, but you need to make sure firstly the person reading the test KNOWS what it is saying and able to treat your problem properly.


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