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Re: prolongued "near-fainting," or presyncope

From: deanne


hi all, i have some of the same things ya'll do goin' on with me. mine always , always starts with my stomach cramping and my being constipated for about 2-3 weeks. it ain't purdy but i just have to see if anyone else out there has the same symptoms as has happened 7 times in the past year and a half. as i said it always starts with awful stomach cramps. i go in the bathroom and sit there when suddenly my heart starts racing so fast that it is impossible to count the beats per minute. then i start feeling my heart beating in my gums and then my body is burning up but no sweating. the last one i had was really scarey because i was trying to go to the bathroom and had been sitting there cramping and burning with my heart beating so fast i'm afraid it's just gonna stop beating and just quiver. i had sat on the toilet so long that my legs were numb so i knew i needed to get up and get some blood flowing in them. i get up and still cramping i went to sit on my bed and i felt the cramps getting worse and tried to make it five feet to the bathroom only to find myself crashing to the floor. the other ones that i have had i had managed to go to the bathroom a lot quicker and once i manage to get all that crap out of there is when my heart slows back down to normal and my body quits burning. all my doctor says is i'm having a vasovagal reaction. he gave me stool softeners and so far so good. i'm 43 years old and am terrified that i am going to die on the durn toilet. after i had this last one i was very dizzy for about 2 weeks. i am also really weak and sick after having one of these things. so, if there's anyone out there that may have experienced what has happened to me please e-mail me at...... i would really appreciate it ....thanks

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