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Re: 26 year old Vasol Vagal heart stopping

From: Robert


Welcome to my world!!! I know exactly what you are talking about and I must admit you are taking it a great deal better than I did! (which is seemingly exactly what you should do) I did the same thing in the E.R. but the nurse didn't get it on paper so it turned into a phantom in a machine. I had Echo tests, x-rays, stress tests, Table Tilt, Cat Scans, (everything normal) Truth is the cardiologist had me set for an appointment to install a pacemaker before I ever got admitted to my room. Once I had the Table Tilt Test he has suspended his decision and wants me to increase salt intake. I am finding out over the last 30 days that I / we are so not alone! Thing is your brain is what is telling your heart to stop. . The big question is why. They will probably want you to do a Table Tilt Test sometime soon so they can analyze your bodies reaction when you pass out. (get it over with and take the test) I am also looking into the neurology end of this. I wish a real doctor would read this and give me a no B.S. assessment of whats going on inside their head except if the heart stops lets juice him. Can this be anxiety related? Is it due to and overly sympathetic Vagal Nerve that has been neurologically conditioned by me somehow? Should I spend the rest of my life dropping to the floor every time I get light headed in fear that I might faint and my heart would stop. Yea O.K. the docs have scared the crap out of me go ahead with the pacemaker if it's necessary right??? Oh but now they feel I am over-reacting and want to wack me out on some beta blocker as well. (ever read the Linden story) We'll see; In the meantime my friend, lets just not pass out! I'm with you in peace and prayer, good luck!

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