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vaso-vagal episode



Oct 28th I went to my doctor and we discussed anxiety. I told him about my heart racing at 4 in the morning. His immediate response was to do a ekg. I explained that he had one in the file including a stress test, echo, enzyme, etc. He reviewed my file and the nurse said to him it dosen't look like heart symptoms. He then proceeded to agree it may be anxiety and gave me samples of LEXAPRO plus he drew blood to test my thyroid. While drawing blood the nurse lost vacume in one of the vials and had to fidget around with it until finaly she was done and guess what I PASSED OUT! right there. The doctor said it may indeed be anxiety and sent me home.

On my way back to work, I took one of the LEXAPRO and an hour later my friends my entire neck was on fire! (like too much Niacin) but this was intense! My hands started sweating and my feet started getting heavy my scalp was crawling and I headed straight home, called my wife, and we headed for ER. I wasn't going to make it to the hospital so I went by my doctors office and told the girl to call an ambulance and told one of the nurses to watch me as I took over one of their rooms.

Once again everyone frightened the doctor did a ekg and guess what! it came back normal. Well I finaly got to the ER, yet another EKG, more blood tests and after about an hour of all the confusion I sat up looked at my wife and said here goes, she got the nurse and I passed out right in fromt of her. She madly attempted to save the reading on the heart monitor but the printer was broke so all we had left was a phanton in a macine. She says I flatlined breifly but came right back on my own. Personally I think she turned the machine off screwing around with it. My wife was so pissed off because the nurse didn't even try to revive me.

I was the rushed in yet another ambulance to another Hospital with cardiologist specialist. Once there I got, yet another EKG, more blood tests stc. . . I ended up in my own room and fell asleep briefly that night and the nurse showed up the next day to take me to a Table tilt test. There I stood for 30 minutes trying so hard to pass out for these ladies so they can see what it was! The deal was if I flatline I get a pacemaker if not we do more tests. I didn't pass out. So the gave me nitroglycerin and within 7 minutes I passed outcold. The nitro tanked my blood pressure however; I did not flat line.

PROGNOSIS: theirs or mine? I sit here in my bed tonight at home after being discharged with syncope. They say this: I had a vaso-vagal nerve responce that is apparently easily stimulated which as we all know drops your heart rate. Thus lowers your blood pressure, therefore I pass out. They told me it's easy to diagnose this but not so easy to treat since so many variables can effect the Vagal. I was told to increase my salt intake to keep my blood pressure up and meet with the doctor in another couple of weeks. He is afraid if I pass out somewhere where no one can help me I could hurt myself and others. His idea remains, if this continues I will get a pace maker.

any comments? The word a little scared comes to mind.

We didn't do a cat scan since I did one about a year ago because of the same situation. once again, God??? please help me.

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