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vvs since age of 2, and im now 20. what i've gone through...

From: cw


hi, i've had this problem since i was 2, i would pass out in the high chair and it took quite a few years to get a diagnosis. i dont pass out a lot, it was only occasionally, but i find i have a lot of side disorders... i really wish i could peice together exactly why this has happened. we think maybe my valves didn't develop as fast as they could have resulting in various problems when i was a baby (including ear infections, kidney problems, a heart murmor, legs problems and vvs)

i now take florinef and salt my food and drink a lot of water. i remember doctors telling me i might grow out of it, and after a while i thought i was tricking myself and maybe these dizzy spells and feeling sick all the time were just "all in my head" so recently i stopped taking florinef until i passed out again, hurting my neck/back. so now i'm taking the meds again

i was diagnosed with vertical maxillary excess and i had surgery on my jaw, and it took over a year for it to heal completely. i also broke my foot and had to have surgery and a really obvious scar is there. i scar and bruise easily, leading us to believe my body just sucks at healing itself

i suffer from excessive sweating, unexplained heat surges, and then rapidly becoming freezing cold to the point i am shivering or chattering my teeth in a cool room, i get dizzy easily and the room will spin, and i am almost always tired or fatigued. i also get severe leg cramps from time to time. not sure if it is related but i also have bad ibs, and tendonitis... when does it all stop?

its funny how so many things can happen from one little disease. i dont understand how it all works. and i dont think anyone does and will for a long time...

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