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vasal vagal symptoms

From: marie morelli


I was having dinner in a restaurant feeling very well. It was served family style and my family and I all ate the same food.(no one else felt ill) No one but me felt a terrible bloating, I started to belch which was funny to them (not to me, because this never happens to me) I became concerned and nervous. I started to feel a severe nausa and asked my daughter to walk to the ladies room with me. I thought if I relieved myself, I would start to feel better. I remember saying to her, something terribel is happening to me. The next thing I knew was that I was on the floor, my daughter asking someone to call for an ambulance. I was told I was unconcious for only a few seconds. It felt longer, like I was dreaming. I was sweating and shaking as the emt took my blood pressure and vital signs, I was taken to the hospital and stayed 5 days. I was given every heart test known to mankind. EKG, Eco. tilt table, given a heart monitor to wear and a very frightening ESP study. I fibulated and thank goodness after 45 minutes I regulated. I also was given a CAT scan of my brain. I guess to rule out stroke.I passed all of these tests except for them finding I have extra heart beat. Some high blood pressure 140/80. My discharge papers read syncope, hypoholemin. The Asst, doctor upon discharge used the term with me that I had a vasal vagal experience. I have been known to have anxiety. Can you comment? Did they do right in giving me all these tests?

This web site is not a substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis of your vaso-vagal type symptoms.  Medical treatment and diagnosis is the only acceptable initial response to these serious symptoms since they might present from any number of life threatening and treatable illnesses. It is for you and your physician to rule out more serious illnesses; Please don't use this online forum as an alternative to getting responsible medical attention and being under the care of a physician for the duration of any unknown, suspected or dangerous vaso-vagal syndrome symptoms.
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