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Re: Unemployed due to vaso vagul-HELP!

From: rr


it has been very tough. Or it had been very tough. I just forced myself to get up and go. I have always had a personality that never gives up. BUt it was very very very tough. Yes, I have worked every day all along. I have now bad days and good days not everyday is bad like it was over 2 years ago, the celexa really helped. Some days I can't get out of bed and I am late to work. But I go almost everyday even if I have had an attack in the morning. I just try not to let it effect my life, it is a difficult thing to do every day. Every day I have to struggle with it and make myself go to work. I am an associate dean at a small college and teach some classes. If I feel an attack coming on at work, i jsut lay down or sit down and shake and jerk until it passes. I am thankful that my supervisor and fellow faculty are very understanding and know that I suffer from this illness. They are all very supportive because they have all known me for so long and know that I am a very dependable person who never missed a day of work before this illness really took over my life. I am thankful everyday that I have the medicine, If I were not taking it, I don't think I could be working. I am hoping that the syncope expert will shed more light on the condition and indeed that all the symptoms are related and I am hopeful that since he is a researcher he will be abreast to the newest discoveries in this illness. I will try anything new.

What state do you live in? I


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