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Re: How does anyone work?  I need suggestions!

From: Becca



I work because I must. I have no choice. I force myself to go into work each day despite being ill, I find it very difficult but if I didn't I would be homeless - I do not have any family who would take me in. My condition is getting worse and soon I will have no choice but to be homeless.

I have been forced to lie to my employer about my health, luckily my job doesn't require a lot of physical working and when it requires standing my boss is understanding of my siutation and allows me to sit on my portable stool (absolute lifesaver). BUT that is my boss, if the organisation found out I would be out of a job.

It isn't easy - very difficult in fact and I won't be able to keep it up for the long term, but so far I've managed. As long as I'm not standing for more than 10 minutes and don't rush through my work - take it at MY pace I can get through.

My life however, is work. I have no social life (except church) whatsoever because working takes so much out of me, this also means I have no support via friends and no hope of finding a partner. I've tried benefit but was refused (have you tried this?) and like I said I have no family to care for me (is this an option for you?).

I don't know if that is of help or not. I can fully understand your situation. You should bare in mind that working at home is no different to working in an office, apart from no travel, - it will still tire you a lot and can be expensive if not done correctly. You could consider proof reading/indexing (do you live near a university? You could try doing this type of work freelance there). I have tried this myself but couldn't make enough to cover my living expenses. It isn't that I have an extravagant life (I wish!) but I have debts from being a student that I must repay.

There are many sites on indexing and proofreading out there, be careful and make sure you only look at accredited ones - many are scams.

I wish you luck & take care,


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