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Vaso-Vagal during bowel movement



My son is 26. He has Down syndrome in the high moderate range of dev. disabled. He is verbal but has a difficult time expressing how he feels physically. About 15 years ago he passed out on the toilet, threw up, became very weak, slept, and woke up very on high and verbally talking about clouds and other things he saw as he drew madly on his Magna-Doodle. About 3 or 4 yrs. later, he told his father he had to go BM and fell on the floor on the way to the bathroom, threw up, then slept. Nothing happened until July 5 and he seemed to have the same thing happen to him, although no one was home at the time. He threw up his breakfast, and his brother found him pale, with chills and he was weak and out of it. He slept for several hours and woke up fine. He went to church camp with his father and woke at 4am and went to the bathroom. He fell off the toilet but didn't throw up this time. Went immediately to sleep and woke up fine. Drs. in the past have said there is nothing to do to find out if it's a seizure or not. After much research, I have deduced that this is vaso-vagal, that something in the action of the BM makes this happen. I see some of the posts here mention this, but most people this happens to are middle-aged adults. Is there anyone who has heard of this in someone with Down syndrome or other disabilities? We recently went through a move, which might have something to do with it being stressful to him and a connection to blood pressure, etc. Thanks for this opportunity to read and post!

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