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9 Vaso Vagal Scares With my 5 Year Old

From: Katty & David (Mom & Dad) -


To anyone who has a child that for no apparent reason or pattern has these so called fainting spells, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!

We are desperate parents of a five year old who as per doctors theories has these vaso vagal episodes since 6 months of age. Since he is now able to explain to us what he feels, his doctors (cardiologist, neurologist & pediatrician) have more reason to believe that he is having a vaso vagal nerve episode. Last month was the last time he had one. He complained that his chest hurt, and by the time he reached me I knew because he had turned white. Within seconds his lips are blue, he is completely limp and his eyes roll back. He has always gone to the emergency room after an episode for tests. He has been admitted about 5 times for further testing and was once even put in ICU. Seeing our child in this state makes it very hard for my husband and I to believe the specialists when after the tests are done all we are told is how perfect he is. Additionally, we are then told that the theory is that he has had a vaso-vagal nerve episode, but is too young too due a tilt test; therefore, we are still just left with these horrible episodes being theories. We have tried every type of doctor ending with ologist and more, but till this day we do not have a definite answer. What keeps us from having heart attacks every time he has an episode, is that we rely on the supposed fact that these are not fatal and that they will go way with time.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone who can relate to my above topic!

Sincerely, A very concern mom & dad

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