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running while passed out



I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope a few years ago after fainting for many years. I have passed out in pretty much every situation you could think of - while exercising, resting, laying down, eating etc. The strangest of my attacks occured when I was 13, just before I was diagnosed. I was walking towards my hallway, when all of a sudden I had no control over what I was doing - I was blind, couldn't think straight, and only vaguely aware that I had started running, and still didn't become aware when I bolted straight into the wall and fell down. My parents had to stop me from getting up and continuing to run, and after a few minutes of struggling I finally began to realise what was going on and my chest started shaking so violently my back kept lifting off the ground. By the time the ambulence arrived, I was fine again, although rather shaken. The only thing I found stranger than my attack was the doctors lack of interest. Only one doctor was interested, and sent me straight to the top heart specialist in brisbane, which was a 6 hour drive from where I live, to get heart surgery. However, the doctor I saw wasnt really interested - he decided against the first doctors suggestion even before looking at my record and before speaking to me. I was in hospital for over a week, and they only did one test - the tilt table test - before diagnosing me with vasovagal syncope and sending me home, stating it wouldn't be too hard to live with it. I think everyone reading this can see the danger in not only fainting on a regular basis, but on occasion having no control of your body as it runs you to who knows where. Has anyone else had this problem with their syncope? Although I am only 17, I really think this is a serious misjudgment on the doctors part, and it seems the only people who agree with me are the ones without the degree. If anybody can think of something that may help with my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

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