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Re: I actually need salt...I think!

From: Sheila


You may be right about needing more salt. I was told by a nurse to increase my salt intake due to by low blood pressure. I don't take anything for it, but my blood pressure has been monitored as low as 70 over 40 with me feeling great. The extra salt is supposed to raise the blood pressure and lessen the chance of fainting. I have had fainting spells since puberty, and I am now 44. It has become worse with age. I have been told that I have: mitral valve prolapse, hypoglycemia, VVS, and panic attack syndrome. Two of the worst precipitators of an "attack": standing in a line, and eating out. First comes the terrible lower abdominal pain, then near loss of consciousness. Always relieved by a bowel movement. Sometimes there is also shakiness and rapid heartbeat. I don't think standing up is the cause of the intestinal pain, because I can work on my feet without sitting down for hours, without the pain. It's something about having to stand still in one place. Also, I am wondering if the "eating out" problem could have any link to MSG. Any comments on this would be appreciated. This forum has been very helpful, as I have uncovered several tips which I have already started using in my life... will add more Gatorade, stay more hydrated, exercise, and take Tylenol only as pain killer. Have recently had two massages, and they are very relaxing. Don't know if they will help the VV symptoms, but worth a try anyway. Any further tips appreciated. Thanks, Sheila

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