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Hello All,

I had posted back in December after my daughter had a VVS episode. I was horrified, and a basket case. The paramedics said she was in shock. The ER gave her fluid IV's. Her bloods were normal.

I took her to the Cardiologist as suggested. TEXT BOOK CASE of VVS they said. Didn't administer the tilt tests as they said they KNEW she would go out. Brain tests normal also. Echo cards, EKG all fine. So they gave her a prescription salt. Big whoop. I mean if it worked that'd be great, but her salt was not depleted to begin with.

Saturday. Fine. She sat in a wrought iron chair, and yelled "OUCH. Man, I hit my tailbone". I was in the other room, and thought that's just great. I walk in, and she says "Mom, here I go. I'm going out"

Needless to say thank goodness I was there to grab her so she didn't hit her head on wrought iron table. She had that glazed look everyone describes. Got white as a sheet, and then the white lips. I called 911. I just kept slapping her, and put her on the floor, and put her legs up on a high chair.Her BP was low of course. Ambulance takes us to the ER.

I explained the history and the tests done. Now this Doctor said well she was never on a heart monitor. And she has to get some tests where they show you things/images to see how she reacts.

I just can't get over what may be coincidences. She's had trouble with her rib. On the right side. They say it is the cartlidge between the rib. The food stuff. Then of course the coccyx bone.

If anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful. General practitioners have pooh-pooed this. One said it was a fluke the first time. The second time was also a fluke. I am just horrified that she may be somewhere and fall and hurt herself that way. I welcome anyones help or suggestions.

Thank you.

I can not help wonder just WHY. The last two episodes were where she hit her coccyx bone. I mean it is your spine. The other thing I see with others here is a refrence to stomach. Always had food allergies. Queasy stomach. She did eat wheat that day which is very, very seldom.

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