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My nine year old daughter has had two Vaso-Vagal episodes.

From: Melissa in New York


My nine year old daughter Brittany has had two fainting episodes in the past seven months and after several tests I was told that she simply had a Vagal episode. I don't see anything simple about this whole matter. The first episode occured back in October of 2004 and the most recent episode occured today, May 19, 2005. The first time Brittany passed out (she was only eight) she told me she had a bad tummy ache and then began to complain that she couldn't see, got very, very pale and passed out. She came to very quickly and said that she felt better. It took some time but the color eventually came back into her face and she seemed fine. Until this morning that is. Brittany passed out for the second time this morning after getting dressed for school. This time she did not complain of a stomachache. She told me she needed to sit down and when I looked at her, I knew something was wrong. She sat down on the sofa and was very pale and shaking a bit and her upper lip was sweating. I tried to keep her talking to me but it didn't work and she did pass out. Just like last time she came to very quickly and immediatly said that she felt better. Please help us. I do not understand what is happening to my little girl.

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