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SRRI question




My doctor has suggested SRRI as my next treatment. I am very concerned about this. I don't have either anxiety or depression symptoms (have had an outpatient evaluation done) and from what I know of SRRI they only treat depressive/anxiety problems (which as well all know can trigger VV).

The thing is I need to know EXACTLY what happens with SRRI and VV, how it treats the physical problem. I've spoken to the doctor who wants me to do this and he says he doesn't know, 'it just works for some people' I asked if this was because they may have underlying anxiety/depression and he said probably.

My problem is I will definitely lose my job if I am put on SRRI. My occupational health department will NOT allow people to be in work on SRRI unless they have had a full psychiatric evaluation done and are recieving psychiatric treatment. As the waiting list is more than two years long I would be forced to be an inpatient which would mean I couldn't work in my current post again (as it could be seen by some to be stressful though I don't find it to be).

My point is I am not willing to undertake this treatment without knowing this information but no-one will give it to me. If I don't accept it I could be sectioned anyway for refusing treatment. When I spoke to my GP I was told it was for psychiatric reasons (not physical) and I was 'secretly' crazy and these drugs would stop me from being 'secretly' crazy.

I paid hundreds of pounds two years ago for a psychiatric evaluation because I was being called crazy and I was told I had no underlying psychiatric condition. I was told not to take any anti depressants or anything UNLESS I was depressed which I am not.

*Please, please help me* If I have to stop work I will be forced to live on the street. As my VV has meant I've ended up with thousands of pounds debts which I will not be able to pay and will lose my home. I don't have anywhere else to go and my circulation is so bad that there is no way I could survive on the street (my hands and feet are cold and purple and cannot be used in the morning and that is living in a house with the heating on).

I'm not allowed disability as my doctors say my condition is not disabling despite not being able to stand for more than about 10 minutes. I cannot get a second opinion - they won't give me one.


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