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Sound familiar to anyone?  Please help...

From: Amy, with a multitude of problems


I am looking for information to help explain what's going on with my body. First some background...

I am 27 yo nurse with four children. I am currently seeing numerous specialists for (seemingly) unrelated health problems. I have a chronic pain problem with my lower back that leaves me unable to function 50% of the time. I also have some neurological defecits possibly associated with my pain. I have a positive Romberg, which is when you cannot maintain your balance when standing up with your eyes closed. I have short-term memory loss, loss of coordination, and increasing muscle wasting and weakness. All diagnostic tests have been negative and so far I have no answers.

Today I have been dizzy for most of the day and feel like I am going to pass out every time I attempt to stand up. I get tunnel vision and my head just doesn't feel right. I'm finding the way I feel really hard to put into words, but it does feel like I'm going to pass out and I'm extremely shaky and just feel the need to get away from people. I feel something come over me in waves and I feel close to just fading away.

I have been in tremendous pain for the last 2 days, much worse than normal, and I'm wonderng if these symptoms are somehow related. But thinking about it, I had similar episodes in high school that I had forgotten about and I did pass out 5-6 times in a 2 year period. More recently, I've felt these wave-like epiodes when taking a drink from a cup on a few occasions. I'd pick up my drink, go to swallow, and then feel like I was going to pass out. A few other times I had episodes that were short and not to the extreme that today's episodes have been.

The strange way I've felt has lasted all day now and I haven't passed out though I've felt like I was about to or even that I wanted to. It's frustrating and scary and a miserable way to feel. I'm curious if what I have described sounds familiar to anyone and if it sounds like VV?

Thanks so much Amy

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