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vaso vagal syncope and PAXIL



My husband has been having what the docs call vaso vagal syncope now for about 5 years. They have done the tilt table test once and he's now on his second round of wearing an event monitor. However, they also started him on PAXIL - one of the side effects of paxil is an elevation or stabilization of blood pressure. This is the second time he's been on paxil for this and so far he hasn't had any episodes of fainting. Normally his episodes happen so sporadically we are not sure if he's just between the episodes while on the paxil or if its really working. The scariest part is he drives long distances AND works up on high lifts. Its not the fainting that bothers us, it's the fall or results of the fainting that bothers us, i.e., hitting his head, crashing the truck etc., especially since there's a warning symptom period of about 10 seconds. Does anyone have any experience with taking Paxil and having it work? or has anyone found anything that works other than eliminating stress, diet changes, or the usual life style recommendations. It ALWAYS happens while my husband is at his most relaxed...i.e., sleeping, in a hot shower, after work on his way home, watching t.v., etc. Never when he's doing anything strenuous. Please help us! We can't afford for him to stop driving or working. Thanks.

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