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Re: It's been a life long problem.

From: Kris


Just wanted to say hello!! You are not alone. I've been having episodes since age 3 too and as a child doctors said I just had high anxiety, them in grammer school, they said it was epilepsy too. My problem is when i do faint, I totally flat line. The doctors were all over the place with their mis-diagnosises.

Finally after college I was having incidents at work. I applied for Social Security Disability. I was denied social security at my first attempt, then i appealed their decision and had to go before the judge. Because i had many years of several different jobs where VV occurred I had some proof for my case. Also I had actual records from my neurologist of me flat lining. I won the appeal and was granted Social Security Disability.

I am 31 years old and I have learned many ways to cope with this. Not sure if any of this is relavant to you.... In my twenties often I would be depressed or scared but as the years went on my coping skills have dramatically improved. My relationship with my boyfriend at that time was suffering because was putting my burdens on him. I was complaining, i wasn't supporting myself finalncially, I had high anxiety, and i was an overall mess. Eventaully I drove this peron crazy and then realized I had to completely change my life. First I learned how to cope with problems/anxiety myself and not drag the people closest to me down. No more talking about all my fears and anxieties. If you need someone to talk to, then go to a shrink. Something simple that helped me was going on a low sugar/carb lifestyle. proper nutrition helps me to to feel more stable and less anxiety. I also cut out caffeine completely. I personally have more intense episodes if I happen to be drinking caffeine. Also I've really worked hard on simplifying my life and not bothering with negative people and un-necessary stressful things. (I've learned to say no and to speak up about situations making me uncomfortable) I also make time for relaxing activities (exercising, gardening, arts, crafts)

The doctor once prescribed anxiety medicine(paxil) but it just wasn't right for me and only made me feel worse. You know your body, trust your insticts. Eventually another doctor prescribed a low dose tranquilizer( lorazapam) which i take as needed at calm down or if I'm in a sitaution that I would be anxious about (dentist, injuries, funeral) i haven't taken a pill in months but they are there if i need them. just knowing that give me a sense of security.

Realize this is long but still wanted to help because I know how difficult it is to have VV. Good luck.

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