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Re: Is there always a cause for caso vagal

From: Becca


On the subject of swimming I've been told I am not allowed to - so always check this with a specialist. This because one of my triggers is exercise.

Technically I'm not supposed to cross a road by myself either as I have collapsed in roads, luckily I've never been hit by a car - that is only because of nice people pulling me out of the road though!

That said it is impossble to always have someone with me when crossing a road, so I compromise by only crossing roads that are not busy (as it is the standing waiting for traffic to pass that causes the problem).

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid your triggers, I certainly am not willing to spend the rest of my life lying down (as both sitting and standing for long periods can cause me to collapse). I have stopped swimming - though it was very, very hard for me as I had been swimming in the local team for several years.

That said as long as I keep within my standing limit of 10 mins everything is more or less fine (not alot I can do about the sitting!), I carry a portable stool for when I need to walk quite far and am able to work full time with a minimum of difficulty. I kept a diary during the first few months after my vv got much worse so I can judge fairly well if there will be an incident, I do admit to occaisonally pushing myself to see if things have improved (which probably sounds really stupid but I am determined to get things sorted).


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