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Still being told Dr. have no idea what it is.

From: Kelli - age 38


Wow, it was really neat to find this site. A friend of mine told me about it after searching syncope after my 10 year old daughter fainted. I first relized there was a problem when I passed out while driving several years ago. I had every test possible. Tilt table, EEG, ENG, heart monitor. All showed that I am fine. But I still have the symptoms many of you descibe. I have a feeling of de ja vu or uphoria (kind of a sixth sense that things aren't right) many Drs. said its a panic attack. Then I feel hot all over, break out in a cold sweat and feel like all the blood left my body. Then I get a sever nausia feeling and a pounding headache. If I don't lie down soon I will pass out. I have always felt it was something hormonal because it usually happens about once a month. (but not at any particular time) My question to you all is, does everyone have to fail the tilt table test to get the diagnosis? Because I passed that. And, how do you figure out what is triggering it? My 21 year old daughter now has the symptoms that I do and has passed out several time. We refer to it as "our sick stomach ache". We console each other because I had no idea that there were others suffering with the same thing. It's amazing how misery loves company. :0)


This web site is not a substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis of your vaso-vagal type symptoms.  Medical treatment and diagnosis is the only acceptable initial response to these serious symptoms since they might present from any number of life threatening and treatable illnesses. It is for you and your physician to rule out more serious illnesses; Please don't use this online forum as an alternative to getting responsible medical attention and being under the care of a physician for the duration of any unknown, suspected or dangerous vaso-vagal syndrome symptoms.
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