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Re: Living with Vaso Vagal Syncope - What works for me

From: cHeR


Holly, I totally agree. I had no idea that I had Vaso Vagal Syndrome until I started taking karate. We would move really fast and then suddenly stop...I would fall over. I thought that I was simply out of shape and a cardiologist told me to drink fluids and Gatoraid before activities, but never told me why. After the recent birth of my son, my body went crazy and I had a seemingly long drawn-out VV response...blood pressure up, pulse low, faint, listless. It was at one of my three ER visits that I finally got to see an electrophysiologists who mentioned the syndrome. After researching, I clearly have the response and have had it since I was a little girl. Thank goodness, mine is not as bad as others and I get a good minute or two of dizziness before falling over. You are very correct - eating better and good exercise seemed to have helped me a lot. So, on my way to karate, I drink Gatoraid and lots of water...and if I fall over anyway, so be it.

Thanks for the info!

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