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Re: Just got back from neurologist--please help!

From: Jill


Hi, my situation is very similar to yours. I am a 36 yr. old female and I have been fainting since I was 2. I faint from blood, graphic stories, and pain. I was averaging about one faint per year and then I went about 7 years without a faint, I think as an adult I learned how to take myself out of situations that could make me faint or avoid them all together. Unfortunately, it caught up with me last year when I had 4 different incidents. Initially, I ended up seeing a psychiatrist for panic attacks which came back after the first faint (another long story). He convinced me to see a dr. which led me to a neurologist and then cardiologist. Hey, what do you know I have vaso-vagal, the cardiologist was practically laughing as I was telling him all my stories, I guess I'm considered a classic case. I too suffer from seizure like activity, along with loss of bladder control at times. My neurologist told me it is not uncommon to have this kind of thing happen, loss of bladder control is not as common but it can happen. The thing about limiting yourself to 2 drinks, I'm sure he said that because drinking can dehydrate you. I have not had a problem having more than 2 drinks in a night but just be sure and drink lots of water/gatorade and even more if you have been drinking. Everyone in my family suffers from this as well, I'm the only one who has the seizures though. You're not alone, hang in there. I guess I have just learned to live with it the best I can.

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