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Re: Terrifying arrthmyias from Vaso Vagal?



Hi, I don't know what to say about the heart symptoms you've been getting. I sometimes get weird arrhythmia’s too, but was never sure what to put it down too. But as for GERD, I get bouts of that myself which have been awful so I can really relate. I think I have finally found the answer ~ worked for me anyway. I was on the brink of giving in and trying the muck the doctors prescribe for you, even though I know how much trouble that can store up for the future. I was scared because I know that the burn from the acid can be dangerous longterm. But then I came across licorice tablets. Have you tried them? They protect the oesophagus from the acid and help to combat the reflux. Within two days my GERD was almost completely gone ~ with Christmas coming up and all the extra drinking and eating that involves, it's really asking a lot of licorice, but it's just about keeping pace! The great thing is there are no side effects. Also, sounds like you might benefit from Mastic Gum ~ do a Google search for it. They have discovered that it can heal stomach ulcers, kill the H Pylori virus (as effectively as that horrible cocktail of antibiotics they give you, without the crippling side-effects), and stop GERD. I've started taking that too, and so far I'm doing pretty well. It's very expensive, but worth it if it gets rid of the problem. Also I've read about something they are saying is some kind of miracle cure for GERD ~ Orange peal extract! I think it's marketed as "No More Heartburn" ~ but I don't live in the States, so I've no idea how to get my hands on it!

Maybe you're right that what your heart is doing has to do with the GERD ~ it seems to be able to affect so many things in the body. I was losing my voice with it and having chest pains. All I would say is be careful taking things like Tagamet long term ~ they can really mess up your system badly and make the problem more entrenched. And stay away from peppermint!!!

Good luck and I hope you find something that works.

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