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Re: Vagal episodes



Hi Margaret! You sound exactly like me! My episodes are completely random, and I have never passed out. I also have the hearing loss.

It CAN be VVS even if youve never passed out. My doctor and cardiologist confirmed it in me although I've never passed out. Maybe thats becaus I, like you, can feel it coming on so I always lay down before I get to the point of passing out. Laying down stops it (or comes as close to stopping it as you can), because in an episode your blood pressure drops and laying evens it out again.

What I was told to during an episode just lay flat on your back. Thats what i do, and thats usually the best thing for me. I was also told to increase sodium in my diet. I dunno if that will help episodes triggered by specific things, but for my really random ones (like yours) thats what im supposed to do. I havent had the chance to try yet really, because i was just diagnosed last week and i only get these about once every 2 mos.

I hope your doctor suggests a tilt test, becuase i think thats the best way to diagnose VVS. I hope this helps, and good luck!

-nicole :]

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