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Vaso-vagal or something else.

From: Nava S.


My husband had two episodes of blackout that were not diagnosed yet. I was told by the nurse that maybe it is Vaso Vagal.

The first one was almost 2 years ago. He went to the bathroom to urinate in the middle of the night. I heard a thud and found him with the upper part of his body inside the bathtub. I tried to pull him out he made strange gurgling snoring noise and his head kept moving to the right side. I could not see his eyes because he was facing down. He seemed to be in a deep sleep almost snoring, until he woke up. The entire episode took maybe 1-2 minutes. Unfortunately, his right eye was punctured from the fall; we assumed he hit the faucet. He also hit his head. I took him to the hospital, and since all of us were busy with trying to save the eye, (which we couldn’t three operation and 6 months later). No one really paid attention to why he fell on the first place. We assumed the bathroom floor was wet and he slipped. A CT test was done but nothing else. He did not have any memory of what happened.

He since then, tried to sit for a few second before he walks to the bathroom.

3 days ago, again in the middle of the night. I was in the bathroom after a shower drying the floor before I go to sleep, he walked into the bathroom start urinating, I talked to him but he did not answer, all of the sudden he bend and closed the lid (very un-common for him) and then his body spiral to the right and again he landed in the bathtub, making this snoring gurgling noise when I tried to pick him up. Again, I cannot see his eyes because he is facing down his body moves, like he is trying to get up. He woke up again and says to me that he just slipped and hit his leg. Later he said that he felt weird, and that is why he bent down. He is a tall man and I am glad he did that because to fall again from his height could be devastating. We are going to see the Dr. today, and hear what he thinks happened. It seems that it is happening when he his half asleep, so now I make sure he talks to me before he walks to the bathroom to make sure he is awake. And he sits on the toilet instead of standing. Any advice?

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