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14 year old possibly with vaso vagal-Caused by standing too long?

From: Hana



My 14 year old son is in JrRotc. Yesterday was our big christmas parade in town. Cadets arrived to school a few hours before leaving for the parade. I left my son at school to go to the parade site. After the parade, he told me while I was gone he nearly fainted and nearly vomitted. Also, he was "very sweaty" also he could hardly keep his eyes open The seargent had him rest in the shade and also get water. He said he felt better and made it through the parade. Several hours later he developed a fever. I spoke with the seargent again today, and he told me that if the "knees are locked" when in attention stance or parade rest it can block the flow of blood circulation. He said he instructed the students to never lock their knees. Until now, my son did not even know what it meant to lock your knees. He said they probably were locked when in attention stance because he wanted to look the best he could, standing straight and tall. I took my son to the doctor today, the fever broke and has not come back (my son had the chills most of the night last night) The doctor said this sounds like a case of vasovaga, she made out like it is nothing to worry about, but at the last minute, she said she wants my son to have an EKG tomorrow. I told her what I was told about locking knees, she never heard of that causing vasovaga before. I decided to research this some on the net and found a site that stated vasovaga occurs commonly in people who stand for long periods of time. "People in the choir" or "soldiers in parade rest". Has anyone heard or read this before? Also has anyone developed a fever after an episode? I thought this must be some kind of bug, like the flu. The doctor said she is not sure where the fever came from, but if it returns to call back. I forgot to mention, my son was very tired and lethargic most of the day today. Has anyone had a similar incident?

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